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Showing Undergraduate Courses for 2018-SU
SessionCourseSectionCourse TitleInstructorMeeting DaysStart TimeEnd TimeCampusLocationRoom NumberDelivery
# Seats
FullBUS ACC 201 CRCross Reg: Principles of Accounting ICross #RegistrationTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusCross0 
FullBUS ACC 204.3W1Intro/Financial AccountingEmiley PickeringTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance12 
FullBUS ACC 205.3W1Intro/Managerial AccountingStephanie MorrisTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance9 
1stBUS ACC 373.1W1Intermed Financial Accountg IIIJulie PetherbridgeTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusDistance18 
1stBUS ACC 377.A11Cost AccountingJulie PetherbridgeM06:00 PM10:15 PMAtlanta Atlanta CampusBE-221Classroom27 
1stBUS ACC 436.A11Advanced AccountingDavid GarrisonM06:00 PM10:15 PMAtlanta Atlanta CampusBE-219Classroom33 
FullBUS BUS 318.A95Internship in BusinessJulie PetherbridgeTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusIndependent1 
FullBUS BUS 346.3W1Legal,Ethical & Regulatory IChristy GreeneTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance9 
1stBUS BUS 349.1W1Mgt Infor SystemsSteven SimonTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance4This course may have additional costs that are associated with exams administered by a proctoring service. Students are responsible for those costs. Payments are made directly to the proctoring service at the time of examination, not the University.
FullBUS BUS 350.3W1Business Quantitative AnalysisAllen LynchTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance9 
1stBUS BUS 350.A95Business Quantitative AnalysisArnab NayakTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusIndependent0 
FullBUS BUS 413.3PERUBusiness Studies AbroadArthur KentTBD  Atlanta Study AbroadFaculty0 
2ndBUS BUS 477.A213Special Topics in Business: Excel for BusinessCarol CagleM W06:00 PM10:15 PMAtlanta Atlanta CampusBE-220Classroom31 
1stBUS ECN 150.1WIPrinciples of MicroeconomicsRobert RaganTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance18 
2ndBUS ECN 150.2W1Principles of MicroeconomicsRobert RaganTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance7 
2ndBUS ECN 151.2W1Principles of MacroeconomicsAntonio SaraviaTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance6 
1stBUS FIN 362.1W1Principles of FinanceAlessandro GaspariniTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusDistance15 
FullBUS FIN 362.3W1Principles of FinanceGeoffrey NgeneTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance11 
1stBUS MGT 363.1W1Principles of ManagementJuanita ForresterTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance15 
1stBUS MGT 420.1W1Event ManagementLane WakefieldTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance17 
1stBUS MGT 429.1W1Human Resource MgtFaye SiskTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusDistance8 
FullBUS MGT 477.3TM-RWANSpecial Topics in Management: Social EntrepreneurshipCarol CagleTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusMercer15 
1stBUS MGT 498.A13Strategic Mgt/Bus PolicyCharles MillsW06:00 PM10:15 PMAtlanta Atlanta CampusBE-252Classroom26 
2ndBUS MKT 361.2W1Principles of MarketingRobert BennettTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance11 
1stBUS MKT 477.1W1Spc Top: Social Media MarketingAnia RynarzewskaTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance16 
FullBUS MKT 477.3TM-RWANSpecial Topics in Marketing: Marketing in Emerging EconomiesEtienne MusoneraTBD  Atlanta Atlanta CampusMercer15 
2ndBUS SBM 401.2W1Sport and Entertainment MarketingLane WakefieldTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance11 
FullCLA AFR 300.3TM-GUINSpc Top: Challenges of Relief and Development in West Africa inDavid HarshbargerTBD  Atlanta Study AbroadMercer15Travel to Guinea required
FullCLA CSL 210.3TM-2SKOInter Ser Lrn: Evaluation of Teaching Speakers of Other Languages (S. KoreSoong Wha KangTBD  Atlanta Study AbroadMercer24Mercer on Missions in South Korea Instructor = Lisa Kang
FullCLA CSL 210.3TM-SKORInter Ser Lrn: Teaching Speakers of Other Languages (S. Korea)Soong Wha KangTBD  Atlanta Study AbroadMercer11Mercer on Missions in South Korea Instructor = Lisa Kang
1stCLA HIS 105.1W1Western HistoriesDoug ThompsonTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance11 
1stCLA HIS 210.1W1The Twentieth Century WorldDoug ThompsonTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance25 
2ndCLA HIS 245.2W1American Film as Art and HistoryJohn ScottTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance16 
2ndCLA HIS 365.2W1History of GeorgiaJohn ScottTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance15 
FullCLA INT 301.3TM-GUINEngaging the WorldDavid HarshbargerTBD  Atlanta Study AbroadMercer16Travel Course to Guinea
2ndCLA JMS 220.2W1Introduction to Film StudiesCynthia GottshallTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance8 
2ndCLA PHI 180.2W1Logic and LanguageCharlotte ThomasTBD  Atlanta Distance LearningDistance18 
FullEDU EDUC390.3TM-PERUSpc Top: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy - PeruStephanie VaughnTBD  Atlanta Study AbroadMercer2 
FullEDU EDUC399.3TM-PERUFieldwork II in PeruStephanie VaughnTBD  Atlanta Study Abroad-Mercer9 
FullEDU EDUC403.3TM-PERUConnect Home School & CommunitySybil KeesburyTBD  Atlanta Study Abroad-Mercer2 
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